Young developing athletes can often fall foul of the performance roller-coaster of competitive sport. They give up because they can’t handle playing well one day and poorly the next; or training hard and then not performing well when it really matters in competition; rarely performing to potential when it counts; or falling victim to self-doubt, anger and feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem.


Also, the efforts of many very competent coaches are often thwarted because:

The young people give up on anything that seems too difficult
Lack of resources
Lack of knowledge about how to develop emotional resilience
Parental influences on the player

Wrap-around support for Club, Coach, Player and Parent

Now your club can access to the tools and techniques that enable young sports people to develop their skills of Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence and Self-Reliance to give them the Emotional Intelligence to handle competitive situations.

With support provided by The Mental Muscle Company, coaches can equip players with the means to manage emotions and help them achieve their maximum potential.

Players learn to understand and develop their Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance, Achievement Drive, Focus, Flexibility, Self-Control, Optimism, Resilience and Competitiveness – 10 key competencies of Emotional Intelligence. Managing emotions and channelling them are important skills to learn, not only for competitive sport but also for life in general.

Parents are also taught how to best support the players.

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