What you do has far greater impact than what you say Stephen Covey


Many parents involve their children in sport because they know it can be a very enjoyable way to learn valuable life skills. Others involve their children because they think that competition in sport is a good grounding in life. Whatever the reason, a parent or friend can have a major influence in supporting (or destroying) a child’s sporting performance and development.


It can be difficult to know what to say or do at different stages or perhaps when things aren’t going so well. Come along to a short development session to find out how to ensure your support and behaviour have the most positive effect, regardless of whether your child is the next great sporting sensation or just enjoys participating.

The 2 hour development session explores:

• What it is your child really wants from you
• Principles for helping your child be the best they can be
• Role of emotions and letting go
• (Carol Dweck) Mindsets
• Building confidence, language and beliefs
• What impact your attitude to sport and competition has on your child’s performance
• The top challenges young athletes face
• Top Tips to support your child

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