Serocor Solutions recently conducted a TNA, and identified common skill deficits around managing behaviours at work. Having been introduced to Paul, we had a discussion around how to fill these gaps and reviewed the EBW workshop. Paul explained his preferred delivery method and we embarked on a one day workshop for a number of support staff across the business. The feedback from delegates was excellent and many recognised behaviours in themselves they felt they needed to work on. The pre course diagnostic proved to be a very valuable tool and supported delegates throughout the workshop. The exercises were well received too.

We are keen to explore other options for ongoing training around this subject matter and are discussing additional dates to support a MDP in 2015. The workshop has proved to be thought provoking and it will be interesting to see how delegates behaviours drive performance over the coming months.

Derek Goff - Learning and Development Manager Serocor solutions Ltd

I have worked with Paul for a number of years as both an athlete and coach. As an athlete he helped me tremendously with my performance and dealing with the pressure that comes with high level basketball. Since I have transitioned into coaching, I have seen first hand how much young players struggle with the psychological aspect of basketball. Paul has been a fantastic asset to both Solent Kestrels Basketball Club & Itchen College Basketball Academy where we use Paul's expertise in both group and individual sessions. Paul has been able to help players of all abilities, ages & genders reach their potential through a variety of techniques and experiences, as a coach I have faith that players working with Paul will become mentally tougher and more productive performers.

Matt Guymon - Head Coach Solent Kestrels Basketball Club & Itchen AASE Basketball Academy

The training requirements of the sales team at MSA Media were assessed as part of a new communications strategy for 2014. Their impressive skills and expertise were obvious to see but there was a lack in confidence in presenting to clients, particularly formally, and an ebb in self-belief in their own professional knowledge. It was clear the team would benefit from a programme of training to address the issue.

I had been given presentation skills training a number of years ago in my previous role at another organisation, which I found hugely helpful for a variety of reasons that I didn’t expect, over and above the rudimentary skills of delivering a good presentation. So I took it upon myself to track down the trainer – which was Paul.

After an initial discussion with Paul he was very quick to understand our needs and reassure us that there was a solution to hand.

Paul proposed his two day Pitch Perfect Presentation Skills Workshop, plus one-to-one sessions and follow-up Pitch Day. His proposal was clear and concise, stating obvious benefits for each stage of the sessions. This made it very easy to approve and move forward.

The team were inevitably slightly nervous about the idea of training, due to heavy workloads. What I found remarkable was how Paul managed to turn this attitude around, and so quickly. Much to my delight, the team warmed to Paul very quickly and by the end of the first day were gushing with praise for him and the experience they had been given.

Paul is great to work with. He understands the business very quickly and takes the time to understand any underlying factors. He was very attentive to the needs of the team and the needs of myself and the Managing Director and he’s extremely professional.

The improvements in the team’s skills were apparent by the end of day one. And at the follow-up Pitch Day the changes I saw were remarkable. The level of confidence amongst the team had been distinctly bolstered since then and their feedback to me has been brimming with positivity about Paul and the whole experience.

I’ve seen an overall improvement in the team since the training, but the following testimonials will give a better insight.

‘I've seen a noticeable improvement in the team. Not just in their formal presentations but also in their general levels of confidence in their ability.’ – Emma, Managing Director

‘I have noticed a direct, positive correlation between my training with Paul and a subsequent increased level of quality and confidence when delivering a presentation.’ – Rod, Account Director

‘I believe I am more confident when presenting since my training sessions with Paul.’ – Matt, Account Manager

‘I feel the presentation training was incredibly useful. Paul was patient, friendly and approachable, and offered helpful advice. I feel that with thanks to the sessions and to Paul I am less nervous in meetings, I am calmer in speech and my hand gestures have been minimised.’ – Florence, Account Manager

Lucy Evans - Communications Director, MSA Media

• Phew! That was hard going and plenty of fuel for thought.
• I cannot believe how much we learnt in a short time.
• Really enjoyed it and meeting the other coaches and learning about their experiences.
• I think I’ll find this useful in all aspects of life.
• A fantastic workshop! Really helped me to evaluate my coaching style and decide what sort of coach I want to become. Would defiantly do it again.
• I really enjoyed the course, thank you. I was having a confidence crisis and it has made me more aware and increased my self confidence. So now I know I can do it!
• I really enjoyed today. Very inspiring and great to have a positive reminder of why we do what we do.
• Great course, very inspiring.

Feedback from a course run for Hants and IOW Sports partnership

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