No Matter how well you prepare, no matter how skilful you are, no matter how fit you are, in the end emotions will ultimately dictate how you perform throughout a competition.

Emotions during a competition can cover the spectrum from excitement and elation to frustration, anger, and disappointment. Doing our best can bring about the most positive emotions, but when we worry or things go against us our emotions can dramatically affect our performance - if we allow them to.

Video Gallery

Please enjoy our great videos showing some examples of famous sportsmen and sportswomen battling with their emotions in their sport.

Loss of Emotional Control John McEnroe

Tennis star John McEnroe, was famous for his on-court tantrums. His belief was that anger would increase his intensity level but found it only served to waste energy. Watch the video clip and as you watch it think about times when you have played your sport and got angry and frustrated.

How did your anger/frustration help or hinder your performance?
How long did the thoughts stay with you during your game/competition?
How much did these thoughts affect your performance?

Power of Maintaining Control Jamie Whincup

Jamie Whincup is a top class australian racing driver and multiple winner of the V*8 supercar series. In this video clip he spins his vehicle. What is remarkable is that he not only maintains control of the car and his emotions but goes on to win the race.

How do you think he is able to do this?
What do you think this can teach you in your sport?

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