Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others. Jack Welch


Being a Business leader today is challenging. Much like being an elite athlete the support and challenge of an independent coach can enable you to pinpoint how you can improve your performance.

For the aspiring or new leaders, having a coach to guide them through the often stressful initial stages of being a leader also becomes critical. Our experience tells us that enabling Increased self-awareness, honest self-knowledge, about one's motives, personality capacities and values build a solid foundation for consistent success.


We begin all our coaching Relationships by asking you to complete The Emotions and Behaviours at Work assessment (EBW). We use this because it provides a straightforward methodology where you can immediately identify which emotions and behaviours are inhibitors and activators to effective performance. The EBW provides a transparent model of development, ensuring the budget holder can measure the benefit of the coaching intervention.

We coach on areas that improve Business Emotional Intelligence, raising leadership/management performance and accelerating the success of the individual (and business).

What you can expect:

Focus on emotions and behaviours that underpin organisational or individual needs. e.g. leadership potential, management of relationships, motivation to succeed, mental toughness, etc.
Benchmarking against peers (Directors, CEOs) allowing you to see how your management of your emotions and behaviours affects others and hence your potential for success in different situations.
Develop your self- awareness and uncovers blind spots that cause career derailment. Self Awareness is the cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence.

Build a quicker understanding of how emotions impact on your performance through the use of the EBW business language Complete tried and tested EBW experiential exercises to embed the learning from the coaching sessions.

The Mental Muscle Coaching framework using the EBW is designed to take account of your needs and develop your Business Emotional Intelligence quickly, enabling you to have an immediate impact in your role.


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