When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion Dale Carnegie


All Business owners, no matter how large or small your business is, face the very real challenge of keeping employees engaged, ensuring communication is sound and controlling the bubbling cauldron of emotions from boiling over.

When a team is underperforming, has had or is facing, a big membership change, emotions and unproductive behaviour regularly spiral out of control. In these situations, many want their leaders to be different – less critical or more understanding. The focus of the Emotional Intelligence Team Programme is about empowering delegates to understand and be able to take personal responsibility for the critical emotions and behaviours at work (Business EQ) that impact on your team’s performance.


The Mental Muscle Team Development Programme enables leaders and team members to identify goals, gain understanding, increase motivation and have a framework to ensure the achievement of the team's objectives.

There are 4 distinct stages:

Stage 1. Analyse, benchmark and agree the design, success indicators and objectives for the leadership or team development programme.

Stage 2. Each team member completes the EBW assessment and receives a 1 to 1 coaching session on the results of their EBW Emotional Intelligence Report.

Stage 3. Team members attend a number of short sessions (2-3 hours) or a one off session with practical experiential exercises and ‘360’ intensive team coaching sessions on each aspect of EBW Emotional Intelligence Model for Business to develop the team’s optimal performance.

Stage 4. Evaluation of Team Performance and future target setting, with personal individual and team Business Emotional Intelligence Maps

How will The Mental Muscle Team Development Programme will help you to High Performance

• Create a better understanding of what drives team members’ behaviour and what to do about it.
• Each team member will get the skills to read and respond effectively to the emotions and behaviours of others, in and outside the team.
• The team members will learn how to build empathetic relationships with others.
• They will agree mutual goals, share progress and strategies and decide a realistic timeline for improvement.
• Each team member will receive their own personal Business Emotional Intelligence Map, so they can continue developing their Business EQ and the team’s success after the programme.


The Emotional Intelligence Team Programme is a powerful experience for delegates, it builds your Business Emotional Intelligence and changes your performance; by operating at a deeper level of attitudes and feelings that underpin behaviour and performance within your team


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