Independent Schools Sport


Independent Schools Sport

Athletics programmes of private schools up and down the country continue to develop some of our most exciting sporting talent. Indeed, research suggest that more than a third of all GB medallists at London 2012 were privately educated, and yet only 7% ARE educated privately.

One of the components of a quality independent school education is sports. It has been suggested that academic and sporting achievement go hand in hand.

Independent Schools Sport

When parents are considering which educational establishment to entrust their offspring to, demonstration of success and high achievement in the classroom and on the playing field are vital constituents. Those establishments who can instil qualities of leadership, teamwork, commitment, confidence and self reliance whilst achieving that success will inevitably create a competitive advantage over their rivals. Through an approach which focuses on mastery and not only the scoreboard these schools teach "skills for life".

At the Mental Muscle Company we have great experience of working with independent school Directors of Athletics in developing the Emotional Intelligence of their young athletes through our "Mental Muscle Foundation Programme".

This programme focuses on how to develop high performance mindsets by building critical emotional competencies in young athletes at a time in their lives when they need it most.


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