We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel Marshall B. Rosenberg


Emotional Intelligence is now regarded as a quality that is every bit as important as I.Q. If an organisations success depends upon its people, empathy and understanding should be core qualities that are developed as a matter of course. The pressure of work, deadlines and interpersonal conflict can cause employees and managers to react negatively toward each other so it makes sense to provide opportunities for your employees to develop their emotional intelligence.

The focus of the Mental Muscle Emotional Intelligence workshop is empowering delegates to understand and be able to take personal responsibility for the critical emotions and behaviours (Business Emotional Intelligence) that impact on their performance.


It covers how emotions can be managed and focused to ensure greater task efficiency and effectiveness between colleagues and customers.

Using a variety of practical exercises and their own personal EBW Emotional Intelligence Report, delegates learn, practice and improve their ability to understand and manage their emotions and behaviours to generate more successful outcomes in the workplace.

The MENTAL MUSCLE EBW Emotional Intelligence Workshop

This is a powerful experience for delegates, which helps them build their Business Emotional Intelligence, by operating at a deeper level of attitudes and feelings that underpin behaviour.

You can expect:

• A benchmark of your Business Emotional Intelligence (you will receive your own unique EBW Emotional Intelligence Report) and what this means for your success in the workplace.
• An opportunity to learn and practice how to manage your own emotions and behaviour to be more successful in the workplace.
• A clear understanding of Business Emotional Intelligence and how it differs from personality (type or trait).
• To learn the skills to recognise and respond effectively to the emotions and behaviours of others.
• An understanding of how to build empathic relationships with others.
• Learn what you need to do to manage & improve yours and others resilience (stress management)
• Your own personal Business Emotional Intelligence Map, so you can continue developing your Business EQ and success after the workshop.


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