"Emotional intelligence is the key requirement to get the best out of people," Stuart Lancaster


Patient, persistent, motivational, encouraging, skilful, communicator, inspirational. It takes a lot to be a great coach yet it is the role they play and the positive involvement they have which can lead an individual or team to repeated success.

Often though, very competent coaches are hampered by a perceived lack of support or a lack of knowledge about how to develop emotional resilience in the sportsperson.


The Mental Muscle Company will help you:

• Develop the BIG THREE emotional competencies: Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance in all your sportspeople
• Choose the development session which meets your needs as a coach.

Developing a High Performing Mindset

This Interactive, lively and informative session will provide you, the coach with tools to encourage consistent high performance from all your athletes.

You will explore:

• How to develop your coaching philosophy
• Discovering how to create a 'growth' mindset in all your young sportspeople
• Myelin and accelerated learning
• Fight, Flight and Freeze response and decision making
• Managing emotions
• Managing thoughts
• How words and tonality can change behaviour
• How to turn failure into feedback
• Build challenge and support into every interaction
• How to develop the BIG THREE (Self-Awareness, Self-Confidence, Self-Reliance) in all your sportspeople

Developing The Talented Athlete

Once a young sportsperson has been identified as having potential to compete at the next level of competition, it is vital they are provided with the opportunity to develop not only their physical and technical ability but also their mental strength and emotional stamina.

In this interactive session you will learn:

• What emotional intelligence is and why it is so important for elite competition
• The science behind emotional intelligence assessment
• What it measures and why the measures are important
• Tools and tips to support your young sportspeople develop their mental muscle in key areas
• What resources are available to support the coach (The Mental Muscle Company Competency Toolbox)

After the development session we can work together with you and your protégé. Completing the online emotional intelligence assessment will determine how your committed sportsperson/sportspeople stack up against the best sportspeople in the world in ten separate competencies. A report of areas that require development is produced, and together an action plan is drawn up. See The Mental Muscle Company approach for Player for further details.

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