Managing Emotions


“Control your emotion or it will control you.” Terry Orlick, Ph.D.

Managing Emotions

It has been claimed that emotional intelligence can enhance leadership performance, team cohesion, and coping with pressure

Emotionally intelligent people can:
Get themselves into the appropriate emotional states for the demands of the situation.
If the situation requires high arousal emotionally intelligent people are good at getting themselves psyched up.
Equally, if the situation requires calmness, emotionally intelligent people are good at relaxing themselves

Below are 7 top tips to help you manage your emotions more effectively


1. Our brain is like any other muscle and with training it can grow and be shaped to support us in every area of our lives.

2. Experiencing heightened emotions is natural for everyone ahead of important events. Accept these emotions as your body telling you there are things to be taken care of. Consider those emotions you can control and those you can't, then focus your energy on the things you CAN control.

3. Identify what might cause you to lose control in your sport. Awareness is very important so we can begin to develop our emotional response to situations.

4. NONE of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Accepting this fact will support you in maintaining emotional control.

5. STOP WORRYING about failing or losing. It will only make it a more likely outcome and your body will tense up so you will find it harder to do what you have trained your body to do.

6. KEEP YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME! Worrying about what others think or will think about your performance is a distraction that takes your energy away from what you are doing.

7. MISTAKES HAPPEN! Don't get caught up in them. It's easy to get frustrated or annoyed when you do something wrong but it can affect the rest of your performance. Leave it in the past, the only thing that matters is that you focus on what you are doing whilst you play...not what you have done.

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